10 Inch Sheesham Sliding Drawer Chess Set

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Crafted from sheesham and boxwood this chess set feels heavy and solid. A ten inch solid inlaid board which features a sliding drawer that pushes out to reveal the pieces. The drawer is held in place by a sprung ball device that prevents it from coming out when not required. A very good standard of finish gives this product a lovely natural wood feel to it. The highly detailed ebonised boxwood and natural boxwood pieces, carved in the Staunton style are non-weighted. The pieces sit inside the draw which is lined with plush green felt. The base of the cabinet is also lined with felt to ensure your table top does not suffer scratches. Materials Used: Sheesham Wood, Boxwood, Ebonised Boxwood Total Weight (unpackaged) : 1.4kg Height of King : 1.7 inches (4.5cm) Height of Pawn : 1 inch (2.5cm) Board Dimensions : 10 inches Sq. (25.5cm) Not suitable for children due to small parts. Packaged in basic packaging without rules.

The Regency Chess Company