16 Inch No.4 Inlaid Wooden Chess Board

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A 16 inch wooden chess board of the veneer type with inlaid squares. This is a classic design of chess board, a clean design without notation. There are soft green protectors on the base to ensure your table doesn’t suffer any damage. This is a good quality solid chess board that will provide years of use if not decades. The squares are 40mm wide which is just over 1.5 inches. Suitable for pieces with a king height of 3.25 inches or European No.4 size.Plantation wood used – from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe. Total Weight (unpacked) : 1.5kg Materials Used: Mahogany, Syberian Birch, Ply Board Dimensions : 16 x 16 x 0.5 inches Width of Playing Squares : 1.52 inches

The Regency Chess Company