4×4 North America 00368 MIM Safe Variocage Compact

“4×4 North America Variocage Compact Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The 4×4 North America MIM Safe Variocage Compact is designed for use in vehicles that have a threshold or sill at the rear cargo door. The Variocage Compact features a raised front door which is designed to clear the vehicle s threshold without requiring special mounting or a platform. It’s small footprint leaves considerable space for additional cargo. Factory Information: Variocage Compact Features: MPN 00367, Dog Cage, High-Quality Steel Construction, Powder Coated, Locking Doors, With Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs, Emergency Escape Hatch, for Added Safety, Built-In Key Lock, Padlock Mounting Tabs, Safety Standards: – ISO 27955 – ECE R-17 – ECE R-44, Built-In Crumple Zone, Absorbs Impact, No Vehicle Modifications Required, Telescoping Length: 23.62 32.28”