4×4 North America 00381 MIM Safe Variocage Single

“4×4 North America Variocage Single Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The 4×4 North America MIM Safe Variocage Single is safe and very practical. It is designed to provide protection while leaving sufficient space for other cargo. The flexibility of the MIM Safe Variocage can easily be tailored to the dog and the vehicle by the owner. Factory Information: Variocage Single Features: MPN 00363, Dog Cage, High-Quality Steel Construction, Powder Coated, Locking Doors, With Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs, Emergency Escape Hatch, for Added Safety, Built-In Key Lock, Padlock Mounting Tabs, Safety Standards: – ISO 27955 – ECE R-17 – ECE R-44, Built-In Crumple Zone, Absorbs Impact, No Vehicle Modifications Required, Telescoping Length – Small: 28.74- 38.97 – Large: 29.92 40.55 – X Large: 31.89 40.55 – MAX: 36.22 45.66”