4×4 North America 54131 MIM Safe VarioDrawer

“4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioDrawer – Medium Low Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The 4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioDrawer is designed for use with the crash tested VarioCage. It features a crumple zone to keep everyone safe and comes with a key and lock for extra security. The VarioDrawer will provide you with additional space for your equipment & supplies and will keep you and your dog safe during travel, keeping your belongings secure. It is easy to install, no altercations to car are required, and fits most vehicles with a flat floor and anchor points. Designed for use in the cargo area of an SUV, Station Wagon or Van. MIM Safe VarioDrawer Features: Adjustable Cargo Drawer, Full Extension Slide Rails, Fully Adjustable – Fits Most Station Wagons, SUV s & Van, Built-In Crumple Zone – For Safety, Remains Closed During Transport, Easy To Install, No Vehicle Modifications Required, Fits Most Vehicles – With Flat Floor & Anchor Points, Key Lock Included, Dimension (W x H): – Medium Low: 38.58″” x 4.40″” – Medium High: 38.58″” x 7.55″” – Large Low: 43.30″” x 4.40″” – Large High: 43.30″” x 7.55″””