7 Inch Magnetic Travel Chess Set

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The most striking thing about this set is the size. At just seven inches across it’s a very small board with miniature pieces. What’s amazing however is the attention to detail and superb quality of the set. All made from solid wood, no MDF or fibre board is used in any part of the construction. Each square on the board is a separate cutting of wood, which have each been inlaid perfectly. The solid wooden pieces have been beautifully carved in the classic Staunton style and hold an amazing amount of detail for their size. The chess pieces have magnetic bases and stick to the board which has metal hidden within it to allow the magnets to stick. A neat and concealed way of giving the appearance of magnetic wooded pieces and board. Materials Used: Sheesham Wood, Boxwood Total Weight (unpackaged) : 320 gms Height of King : 1.3 inches (3.2cm) Height of Pawn : 0.7 inches (1.7cm) Board Dimensions : 7 inches Sq. (18cm) Not suitable for children due to small parts. Packaged in basic packaging without rules.

The Regency Chess Company