Airhole Airtube Ergo Featherlite, tan

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The Airtube Ergo Featherlite is a pro favourite. Featuring an ergo nose shape it can be comfortably worn as a neck gaiter or facemask. The signature direct injected silicone Airhole provides a clear passage for breath, preventing moisture build up which causes a cold, wet face. Featherlite fabric is also moisture managing, helping to wick away sweat to keep your skin dry.

+ Direct Injected Silicone Airhole
+ Seamless Construction
+ Easy Stretch Wearability
+ Moisture Wicking
+ Featherlite Fabric: 55% Nylon / 40% Polyester / 5% Spandex
+ Stays Warmer and Dryer Longer
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Anti-Odor Finish
+ Ergo Nose Shape
+ Wear As A Neck Gaiter Or Facemask
+ High Function Mask