Airhole Balaclava Full Hinge Waffleknit, black

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A nice balaclava made of knitten polyester and lycra. This makes the airtube water repellent while allowing air to flow. The Waffle knit is a technical gridded fleece fabric that repels weather and allows air to flow freely to keep you warm and dry. Waffle knit is stretchy, comfortable and great for all conditions.

On all of their masks, the Airhole allows breath to escape freely, avoiding the build up of condensation to keep you warm, dry and your goggles fog free. A dry mask ensures all day comfort and no bad odours.

The full hinge model is a brand new shape, it provides more flexibility to the weather by splitting the top and bottom sections, giving you 4 masks in 1. The full balaclava seals out the elements whilst the front can hinge down to free your face. Keep the face up and pull down the top for better temperature control or pull it alle down for a classic neck gaiter.