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Due to its mountainous location, Feather Down Pant Y March is a peaceful haven, allowing younger visitors to be free to roam. Geraint and Llinos farm 300 hardy Welsh Mountain ewes in a traditional, organic and sustainable way. You will spend the night in the The Canvas Lodge private outdoor shower – hot tub is optional.

It is very possible to have the site completely to yourselves for that special family gathering, girlie weekend or friends reunion. Geraint and Llinos don’t believe anyone or anything should be penned and their sheep, pigs, calves, and donkeys all roam free, though if you bring your horse, they would be more than happy to stable it.

To roam further yourself, try the canoeing centre at Tryweryn, 8 miles away, the amazing Bounce Below 30 minutes away or a train up Snowdon. There is the Coed y Brenin biking forest too.

As part of the Feather Down concept, there is no electricity or WiFi in the cosy accommodations. Candles and oil lamps provide a warm light and a rustic wood stove is available for cooking. Each accommodation has quality bedding, an equipped kitchen, a toilet, a dining area and a barbecue. Dogs are allowed in this location.