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Complete with private dock and boat rental around the corner it is the perfect place for a weekend boating. From the farm, where some 50 calves are kept, you have a panoramic view and there is plenty of room for the kids to roam around.

Feather Down Hoeve Meskenwier stretches to, and is surrounded by the small river called Oede Boarn. This river is the connection waterway between the surrounding lakes and the villages on its banks such as Grou, Terhorne, Goingarijp, Joure and Sneek. These lakes and villages offer a host of hospitable inns & pubs and many activities both in the villages and on the lakes and waterways which are very typical for this part of Holland.

Corn is also grown here, in the summer it grows up to 2 metres high. You can walk through the cornfields at any time of the day and you might come across deer and other animals who are looking for food and shelter there. For children there is more than enough to do on and around the farmyard; collecting eggs, cuddling the rabbits, the goats and the ponies. Relaxing, space, adventure and hospitality are the words, which you will remind you of your holiday at Meskenwier.

As part of the Feather Down concept, there is no electricity or WiFi in the cosy accommodations. Candles and oil lamps provide a warm light and a rustic wood stove is available for cooking. Each accommodation has quality bedding, an equipped kitchen, a toilet, a dining area and a barbecue. Dogs are allowed in this location.