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Feather Down Hohenwarter Seeehof is in the heart of the Schieffergebirge nature reserve Rolf and Heidi Seiffert have set themselves the task of conserving the history of this very special farm and they are delighted to share this with you. Heidi’s family has been farming the land since the 16th century and large parts of the original farmhouse, which was also the refreshment station for the oxdrawn carts travelling to Altenbeuthen, are still intact. It sits next to the lovely inner courtyard where the Dexter cows are kept in winter. In the summer it is the domain of the pigs and wild boar which the kids can help to feed if they are not on the hunt for eggs or kittens.

The FeatherDown canvas frills lodge ensuite bathroom tents are situated in the higher fields and woods which gives them a breathtaking and unspoiled view over the Hohenwarter lake to which there is direct access. So if you fancy a refreshing dive, or to dangle a hook, just walk across the farm and enjoy! 

There is also a shower and toilet for disabled persons.

As part of the Feather Down concept, there is no electricity or WiFi in the cosy accommodations. Candles and oil lamps provide a warm light and a rustic wood stove is available for cooking. Each accommodation has quality bedding, an equipped kitchen, a toilet, a dining area and a barbecue. Dogs are allowed in this location.