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The family have owned the farm for more than 200 years, around the time of the French Revolution, they came to La Moricière in search of safety. Today, the farmers run an organic dairy farm with a herd of Normandy cows and their calves as well as pigs, chicken and goats. You will spend the night in a cosy canvas lodge.

The hosts would be delighted to share their farming knowledge with you and in particular the art of cheese making as well as recommendations on the best local cheeses to buy. They have extensive knowledge of environmental issues in this unique area and are passionate about sharing our knowledge. So much so that we run tour guides, taking small groups by foot across the bay.

There is always something happening on the farm : wood fences to be mended, firewood to be chopped and help with the organic vegetable garden.

As part of the Feather Down concept, there is no electricity or WiFi in the cosy accommodations. Candles and oil lamps provide a warm light and a rustic wood stove is available for cooking. Each accommodation has quality bedding, an equipped kitchen, a toilet, a dining area and a barbecue. Dogs are not allowed in this location.