Halloween Skeleton Lanterns

Quick! What’s scarier than a bunch of skeletons? No, not a bunch of skeletons trying to sell steak knives door to door. (although that still sounds pretty creepy) We’re talking about skeletons that light up, so they can always keep an eye on you, even in the dead of night. Nothing adds an eerie vibe to a spooky celebration like a bunch of lit up skulls watching everybody!That’s why stringing up a set or two of these Halloween Skeleton Lanterns at your next costume shindig is a great way to spice up the spooky decor. These classy paper sphere lanterns expand and clip onto any string of holiday lights, and they feature cool, intricate skull designs printed on the sides. Mix them in with your Halloween party scene, or to your decorations for your Dia de los Muertos festivities. They may just be the scariest skeletons at your party!