iceQ 4 Litre Mini Fridge – Blue

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Our iceQ 4 Litre Blue Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling drinks and snacks and is ideal for bedrooms, office desks and areas of limited space.

Ideal for use in student accommodation, study, guest room or bedrooms. This mini cooler can be powered either from the UK mains socket, or portable with a 12 Volt car cigarette lighter socket. Perfect for the home, office or car this cooler is the perfect solution to keep your drinks chilled or certain items warm. The cooler capacity is ideal for keeping cans and drinks chilled.

Please be advised that this cooler is not 100% silent and should not be placed directly next to a bed due to the low running fan which may disrupt light sleepers.

Please check the external and internal measurements before ordering to ensure that this is the size of cooler you require.

IMPORTANT: Not Suitable for perishables or Medicines.


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