No.4 Size Staunton Chess Pieces with Wooden Case

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These classic Staunton Chess pieces have a well made yet slightly rustic quality to them. They are single weighted and have thick green felt on their bases. They are presented in a stained wooden case which is sturdy and robust. It must be noted that all of the pieces are made from the same wood, the dark ones are stained brown. This set of pieces is remarkably good value for money and are the perfect size for our Number 4 or 16 inch chess boards. Plantation wood used – from a sustainable source in Eastern Europe. Total Weight (unpacked) : 0.7kg Box Dimensions : 6.5x5x3 inches King Height : 3.0 inches King’s Base Diameter : 1.2 inches Pawn Height : 1.8 inches Materials Used: Hardbeam, Birch Suitable Board And Larger

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